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Thread: wireless - wlan0 no such device

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    Default wireless - wlan0 no such device

    I have a problem with windows 7 , VMware,
    BT4-final and usb wireless card tp-link wn321g

    when I type lsusb I see that the card is shown "Ralink corporation..."
    when I type iwconfig I get "wlan0 no such device"
    when I type /etc/init.d/networking start I get "failed to up wlan0 - no such device"
    when I type airmon-ng start wlan0 I see that there is nothing under interface or device or anything.

    What Can I do?
    Please help me

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    Default Re: wireless - wlan0 no such device

    ummm I have the same problem :( :( ,,,,,please if u figure it out :confused: write it here so we can get it too

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    Default Re: wireless - wlan0 no such device

    Are you sure you are connecting your device to your VM and not the host?
    Whilst your VM is running physically reconnect the device, VM should give you a notice something like, "A device is about to be unplugged from the host to this vm", after this check the bottom of the VM screen to see if that particular device is highlighted, if it is not right click on the icon and choose disconnect from host and connect to VM. Try this step a few times it can be a little buggy.
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