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Thread: Backtrack 4, won't boot up into GUI mode, stuck at initial command terminal.

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    Default Re: Backtrack 4, won't boot up into GUI mode, stuck at initial command terminal.

    Quote Originally Posted by cornz View Post
    Sadly, you are operating from the assumption that users on here have some knowledge.
    Ok, first and foremost; I apologize.

    Not for being sarcastic in my previous post; I stand by that.
    When some bottom-feeder who thinks that we live to change their diapers doesn't even bother to use the search button or to read the guidelines that they (blindly) clicked agreement to comes in here and clutters up the forums with asinine questions, they should (although never do) expect to be reminded that their head can be used as more than a hat rack. Nobody was called outside their name (at least by me) and nobody was subjected to insults or attacked in any way (again, at least not by me).

    My post may have been tongue-in-cheek, but it wasn't hostile in the least (unlike others). Further, once someone actually reads my post, they would see several troubleshooting steps outlined clearly that they could use in an attempt to resolve their issue.

    cornz, if it hurt your with it. Neither you nor the OP should post such ridiculous tripe on these boards and you especially should have damn well known better than to lash out with profanity.

    So, to the point; I apologize for being guilty of exactly what cornz accused us of; assuming that users on here have some knowledge.
    Pardon me, but I think I will continue to be guilty of that particular sin.

    To summate for cornz and anyone else that happens to read this before posting such ridiculous crap and wasting everybody's time;

    1. Nobody cares that you are a "Windows user". Stop acting like you are persecuted. We've all used it. If you want to start an OS holy war, go someplace else.

    2. This forum isn't for anyone that is "migrating or just playing around" with linux. If you want to learn linux, go someplace else.

    3. This forum isn't for learning what this thing called "penetration testing" is. If you want to learn penetration testing basics, go someplace else.

    4. If you can't understand instructions that are spelled out for you at a remedial level; go someplace else. Don't blame us; go study.

    cornz, there are those in the open source community that are trying very hard to make linux more "user friendly" in order to attract people just like you. I am not one of them.

    Brain surgery isn't taught at your local community college for a reason.

    That being said, if you have any more outbursts or drivel to throw around, I might suggest strongly that you contact me personally with a PM. I doubt that the mods will be as polite with a second offense.

    Stop crying and TRY HARDER.
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