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Thread: DualBoot Issue

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    Default DualBoot Issue

    I installed Ubuntu 10.10, and afterwards Backtrack 4 R2 but I unchecked the bootloader option. After that, I logged in Ubuntu, run the "update-grub" command, it said that it had found Backtrack on the given partition, but it doesn't seem to display it in the grub.cfg.

    Any suggestions? Should I just install BT4 again and leave the "Install Bootloader" option checked?

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    Default Respuesta: DualBoot Issue

    Hello. No need to install the grub of backtrack if you want.
    I don´t know the difference between "update-grub" and "update-grub2" commands. Probably, one is a link to the other, i dont know, but if you want, you can try.

    You can pass the order to grub.cfg manually so.

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