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Thread: MySqloit is a SQL Injection takeover tool focused on LAMP/WAMP

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    Lightbulb MySqloit is a SQL Injection takeover tool focused on LAMP/WAMP

    MySqloit is a SQL Injection takeover tool focused on LAMP (Linux, Apache,MySql,PHP) and WAMP (Linux, Apache,MySql,PHP) platforms. It has the ability to upload and execute metasploit shellcodes through the MySql SQL Injection vulnerabilities.
    Attackers performing SQL injection on a MySQL-PHP platform must deal with several limitations and constraints. For example, the lack of multiple statements in one query makes MySQL an unpopular platform for remote code execution, compared to other platforms. This tool is written to demostrate how remote code execution can be performed on a database connector that do not support stack queries.

    Platform supported

    1) Linux

    Key Features
    1) SQL Injection detection using time based injection method
    2) Database fingerprint
    2) Web server directory fingerprint
    3) Payload creation and execution

    ./mysqloit -h


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