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Thread: sdhc card life cycle / mirror copy

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    Default sdhc card life cycle / mirror copy

    I use SDHC card for BT but have noticed that they fail at about 2 months (4th recent failure of SanDisk). I have read that somewhere that they have a limited number of read/write cycles. Has any one else found that they fail early running BT4?. Is it better to use a USB memory stick instead of SD card, I use both but tend to use the SD card as it fits in a slot where the USB sticks out and gets damaged easy (I know I can use an extension lead on the USB).

    Mirror copy
    Is there an easy way to make a regular mirror copy of the SD card say to a USB stick and then when problems arise I could mirror it back to a new SD card without having to start again.
    A pointers would be appreciated as it takes so long to get restarted.
    Thanks a million

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    Default Re: sdhc card life cycle / mirror copy


    SDHC cards have warranty, use it, if you're having trouble within 2 months of life. Also, use Kingston instead, they're the best, and offer unlimited warranty.
    They do have a ~100.000x read/write life cycle, but i never saw one ending.. Even my 7/8 years old 1GB MMC card which was used a few years in a N-Gage (lots of read/write), and then a few more with BT3, still works. I'd say what's happening to you is very odd..

    Just an advice, if you're buying 8Gb SD cards, note that with the price of 2, you can buy an ext 500Gb USB HDD.. I'm basing myself on the local prices, but it shouldn't be much different wherever you're from.

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    Default Re: sdhc card life cycle / mirror copy

    I've run Linux on flash cards for years and not had them fair. One thing to remember, don't put a swap partition on flash.
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    Default Re: sdhc card life cycle / mirror copy

    Regarding the mirror copy:
    man dd
    "The difference between RAID1 and RAID0 is that the zero stands for how many files you're gonna have after a harddisk failure."

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