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Thread: wireless problem after updating

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    Default Re: wireless problem after updating

    I found another solution. I have an internal intel 2200abg card, and a external Atheros card that I wanted to use at the same time.

    On bootup I noticed the error ipw2200: ipw2200-bss.fw request_firmware failed: Reason -2

    It seems the package firmware-ipw isn't actually installed correctly, or at all maybe? you can go into synaptic and re-install it though. It doesn't install the firmware to the correct folder though, so you've got to cp it.

    It installs the ipw-bss.fw and other needed files into /lib/firmware-2.6.34/ instead it needs to be installed into /lib/firmware/

    To make it short ...

    1. Re install package 'firmware-ipw' in synaptic

    2. 'cp -v /lib/firmware-2.6.34/ipw* /lib/firmware/'

    Now I can use my intel card to connect to an AP, and use my Atheros for 'other' uses ...

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    Default Respuesta: wireless problem after updating

    You had done anything more that install that ucode because backtrack had it lot of time ago. Maybe you hit/enable wireless keyboard button/switch?

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    Default Re: wireless problem after updating

    no i didnot do any thing more than what i have said
    before installing ucode i have tried more than 10000 times using the button but it did not work
    but after the the installation of ucode it works very well

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    Default Re: wireless problem after updating

    Im surprised you had an issue with that driver tho. I have the same wireless NIC and no issues from the upgrade.

    Just glad you resolved the issue

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