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Thread: Backtrack 4 R2 - netstat + other

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    Default Backtrack 4 R2 - netstat + other

    clean hdd install from iso and found some interesting behavior. perhaps bugs?

    1. netstat -antp, i only get ipv6 listening ports.

    2. ipw2200 - as mentioned by another user, does not install .fw files. have to manually drop files into /firmware to get it to work.

    3. when starting apache, xplico also fires up on port 9876.


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    Default Re: Backtrack 4 R2 - netstat + other

    Hi driem,

    for the point n.3:

    Xplico uses an apache2 "site" for its web interface, so it's normal that you see port 9876 open when you start apache.
    However that doesn't mean xplico (the real xplico) is running.

    To start the deamon (the backend) you must use the services submenu.

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