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    I have previously released a Rogue AP Creator script which I took the link down but for a while now I have been working on this script and it does alot more than just create a Rogue AP also only a few of you have the link to this site, but I am now finally releasing it to everyone. I've been very busy and haven't been able to spend much time on it, So I hope now that it's out in the public I hope to get some help or ideas from others who are far superior to me.

    I eventually want to move this to python and create a nice GUI for it. (fern's tool is very nice looking)

    LINK TO SCRIPT >>> ...:::sLiPpErY's H4X0R tOoL:::...

    This is a work in Progress....

    NEED A HINT.... FAKE UPDATE : MSF , ETTERCAP on Vimeo Just the beginning...

    Last Update 11-9-10 Check back for updates.

    Currently you can.

    1. Create a Rogue AP and either sniff or attack it. After you crack wep you can mirror the wep encrypted AP. endless possibilities... not tested very well so only theory at this point.

    2. Sniff or Attack your local subnet

    3. Crack WEP (there are a lot of WEP attacks but I don't believe I have them all complete, so feel free to help with them, I have the basic layout done though)

    4. Update some of the tools used in this script.

    I hope you like it, I think it does need some help but with the holidays and work I'm not sure I'll get to do much work on it until the new year.

    Also I know it's annoying that when you exit the script it opens Firefox and goes to my blog, I'll get that fixed but for now just comment it out or delete it.

    Note: there are some things you can comment-out and un-comment to change what the script will do such as using ettercap GUI or just ettercap CLI etc....

    EDIT: I have plans to script things into Metasploit, SET & BeEF, (can you think of any others?) but I may need some help with some of that. Until then Enjoy!
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    some thoughts:

    use Google Code to host your project. That'll satisfy version control, changes, etc.
    make your script auto-updating like g0tmi1k's wiffy / fakeAP_pwn scripts. His are bash scripts as well so you can use that as an example

    Haven't tested the script yet, maybe i'll have some time later and provide some constructive criticism. Congrats for starting the learning process. Bash is a great starter.

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    Wink Re: ...:::sLiPpErY's H4X0R tOoL:::...

    Good idea, I'll try to get that done within the next week.

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