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Thread: I'm to lazy to search and learn how to make a dictionary.

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    Cool I'm to lazy to search and learn how to make a dictionary.

    i need help getting a dictionary or making one im am noob so yeah plz dont pic on me lol im trying to find or create a dictionary to test my security so i basically need a dictionary with every possible combination of 0-9 number digits and the all combinations have to be only 10digits long i understand there will be a lot of passwords in this dictionary but yeah i want it lol if you can help that would be great maybe the dictionary has already been created and you have it even better thanks

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    Default Re: I'm to lazy to search and learn how to make a dictionary.

    Thread title. Posted in the incorrect section. Did not search. Your doing good.
    That last part was sarcasm. Try following the rules and try searching.
    To be successful here you should read all of the following.
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