OK, I did research this and found that this is a common error, caused by a file over 1 gig. But my file is the Rainbow Hash, and is 40 megs. I tried on Backtrack 3, 4 rev1, and 4 rev 2. No joy. I type "./cowpatty -r wpa-test-01.cap -d hashfile -s cuckoo" (I assume the test files, and I get an error, can't find a directory "cowpatty." I try without the "./" and I get the dreaded "cowpatty: Could not stat hashfile." I can't even do the test files!

Loading from DVD, 64 bit dual core Intel HP DV9000 series.

The handshake checks out, and I can run a small dictionary test (no hash) of course it doesn't find the key.

What am I doing wrong?