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Uhh... the BT2 hardware compatibility list at backtrack.offensive-security.com/index.php?title=HCL:Wireless#Wireless_Cards_And_Dr ivers says that the Atheros (aka MadWifi-ng), Prism54 (which I forgot to list earlier) and ipw2200 have been patched for injection on the BT2 disc. It doesn't say if the other drivers already supported iinjection (and so didn't need patching), but the information section for the RT73 lists specific instructions for enabling injection.

So... ummm... what was that you said about I should use a card that's listed as having support?
There is a difference, albeit slight, in what I suggested and what you are saying. I understand full and well that the drivers listed are patched. However, I'm not talking about drivers, I'm talking about specific cards. What I am suggesting is to try a specific card that is listed or is known to work. Some cards, for whatever reason, even if they are using a compatible chipset, may not work with the listed drivers. Or maybe they will. My idea was to try to narrow down the problem.