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Thread: adding wordlists to bt4 r1 iso

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    Default adding wordlists to bt4 r1 iso

    how do i go about adding wordlists to the iso please?

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    Default Re: adding wordlists to bt4 r1 iso

    I think this might help you BackTrack ISO Kernel 2.6.34 Upgrade if you make the necessary adjustments, also from what I recall (might be wrong) Backtrack R2 has the boot uption "Persistent DVD"
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    Default Re: adding wordlists to bt4 r1 iso

    Customize BT4 | BackTrack Linux - Penetration Testing Distribution This script can help you customize your backtrack iso.

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    Default Re: adding wordlists to bt4 r1 iso

    Mod Edit: We will not be discussing that. See the rules.

    Actually its amazingly simple if you have Removed . The new version happens to be on Usenet. You can't use the trial version it won't allow you to save a file as large as the Backtrack ISO.

    Just open the ISO with Removed , make a new directory, drag and drop any files you want to the new directory, then save the ISO - hopefully with a different filename so you will have the origianl. Then burn the saved ISO. The directory will be in the disk where you put it with all the files.

    No, Removed won't muck with the boot capability of the disk. It will be identical to the original but with your added directory and files.
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