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Thread: Watobo and Dotdotpwn BT4r2

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    Default Watobo and Dotdotpwn BT4r2

    After just testing out BT4 r2 (love it so far) noticed a menu entry problem with Watobo. Clicking on the icon in KDE does nothing.

    To fix this, right-click the dragon icon and select "Menu Editor"
    Next, select Backtrack>Web Application Analysis>Web Frontend and pick Watobo.
    Change the Command to sh -c "ruby start_watobo.rb " and save the file

    Also, trying to run DotDotPwn may toss you an error about HTTP::Lite perl module not being installed.

    To fix that, from a terminal type cpan -i HTTP::Lite

    Hope this helps somebody.

    Oh and serious props to the Dev team and Mods for making this the best distro by far!
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