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Thread: Fwknop (C port)

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    Lightbulb Fwknop (C port)

    Tool Name: fwknop - Firewall Knock Operator is a Single Packet Authorization implementation. The daemon (fwknopd) allows you to protect services behind a closed firewall. The client allows you to send authorization packets to a listening fwknopd server in order to open firewall ports and gain access.

    URL: fwknop: Single Packet Authorization and Port Knocking

    Why: More and more people are using fwknop to protect services on personal or work servers (eg. SSH, FTP, etc). For those of us who use BT, it would be useful to have this tool installed in order to open ports on our remote systems.

    Fwknop offers the most functionality of any SPA implementation and has recently ported to C.

    Feel free to contact myself or the author (Michael Rash) for questions/patches.

    See Single Packet Authorization | Security Generation for more info.

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    Default Re: Fwknop (C port)

    I'l give my vote for this application. Its available for ubuntu and debian so maybe its not that hard to repackage and maintain a package for server, client and library. Fwknop is the most feuturerich port knocker out there what i know of. Theres recently a discussion on on their latest episode talking about fwknop and SPA technology.

    You can read more about it here: hXXp://


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