I have a HP touchsmart tm2 laptop.
This laptop like many new laptops has switchable graphics.
This means i can use an onboard video card or a seperate ATI graphics card.
Because Backtrack runs really shocky when i use the onboard card i want to use the ATI card. But when i install the drivers from the ATI website i can't startx anymore.
When i use the startx command i get this error:

Please disable the switchable-graphics feature and configure the discrete card as default adapter.
GetBIOSparameter failed
PreInitAdapter failed
PreInit failed
Screens found but none have a usable configuration.

Fatal server error:
No screens found
aticonfig --giving up.

I did try aticonfig --initial=check and that said all was fine.
I know there is something like vgaswitcharoo but i haven't got a clue how to use that.

Thanks ahead for all the help i get.