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Thread: How to know whether my router is JAVA-based?

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    Default How to know whether my router is JAVA-based?

    I have read in the forums that Hydra is hopeless against JAVA-based routers. I tested my router password with Hydra and it couldn't find it. I used these commands:
    hydra -l admin -p myhome -t 1 http-get
    hydra -l admin -p myhome -t 1 http-head

    Does it mean that my router has a Java-based software and I'm safe from attacks?

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    Default Re: How to know whether my router is JAVA-based?

    So you post two commands you supposedly ran, then you want us to guess whether or not your router is a Java-based one?
    I tell you what, you send me a PM and I will send you an address where you can send this router. I will test it for you and let you know. Granted I probably won't send it back to you. Otherwise go read the documentation either from the manufacturers website, or that came with it.
    This has nothing to do with BT.
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