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Thread: Can't update nvidia drivers by any mean.

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    Default Can't update nvidia drivers by any mean.

    Hello everyone,

    i'm having a problem installing new nvidia drivers on my backtrack.

    Here are my specs, is a notebook, N82JV.


    NVIDIA® GeForce® GT335M, with 1GB VRAM &
    Intel GMA HD (Support NVIDIA Optimus technology )

    Each time I try to install nvidia drivers, I lose the access to startx cause it say's no device detected.

    I tryed already by: apt-get install nvidia-driver.
    tryed by download the most recent drivers from and installed, and after installed, the same happened, could acess to startx.

    Here are some images:

    what happens when startx:

    a part of xorg.conf

    a part of xorg.0.log ( sorry for the bad quality in this one)

    I really need help fixing this, otherwise I would't have asked help here, but I already searched everywhere, and tryed all the solutions, but nothing worked.

    Why I want to update de drivers?
    1st because I can't
    and 2nd because I only have 1 possible resolution on backtrack: 1024x (something)
    and I want a higgger one.

    hope someone can help me with this.

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    Default Re: Can't update nvidia drivers by any mean.

    Same problem here,there is same error when i type startx but i think theres difference in two last lines on first screenshot because i actually can startx and that error showing up fast and than my desktop shows but i notice same problem...if it is problem ..i dont know! Cant help you anyhow because i cant install drivers for graphic but iam just saying...same problem!

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