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Thread: Gnacktrack= Gnome+Backtrack

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    Default Gnacktrack= Gnome+Backtrack

    What is Gnacktrack?
    Gnacktrack is an custom build of bactrack for ubuntu 10.4 with a gnome gui.
    Gnacktrack is not affiliated with remote exploit in any way but it it does use remote exploit repositorys so update work for both you can get gnacktrack here
    GnackTrack - Gnome Based Penetration Distro

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    Default Re: Gnacktrack= Gnome+Backtrack


    You are actually such a idiot that you thought it was a good idea to post a backtrack rip off on the backtrack forums. I actually am going to approve this post. Yes people, there are other distros out there you can try if you want to. Thats the nature of Linux. If you notice though Gnacktrack just uses our repos so really they are not doing much but adding Gnome. What the creator of this distro doesnt realize is that any packages which include kernel modules will not work. In anycase, there will always be imitators but there will only ever be one Backtrack.

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    Default Re: Gnacktrack= Gnome+Backtrack

    Obligatory calling of douchebag.
    A better idea would be to contribute to the work that is already done, instead of ripping off the hard work of others.
    Not to mention we won't support anyone who has a problem with it.
    To be successful here you should read all of the following.
    If you are new to Back|Track
    Back|Track Wiki
    Failure to do so will probably get your threads deleted or worse.

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    Default Re: Gnacktrack= Gnome+Backtrack

    I think Gnome+Backtrack is an awesome idea. By that I mean I would love to see a gnome version of Backtrack not a ripped off version. Kernel modules anyone?
    I guess I'll have to slide gnome into my install myself since you guys aren't going to. I just hate KDE. A lot of KDE seems like an after thought to me. Like they got it put together then went back and added stuff in a hurry, but that's just me.

    Other than KDE, Backtrack is an awesome set of tools for anyone with the knowledge to use them.

    Backtrack have any plans of adding gnome anytime soon?

    PS: I downloaded Gnacktrack and booted a live version. There's a lot missing and several things that don't make sense. Gnome is the only thing Gnacktrack has going for it at the moment.

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