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Thread: Problems with X

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    Default Problems with X

    I installed bt4r2 days ago and encountered many problems that i nerver met with r1.
    I have solved some that has nothing to do with x.But those problems with x are still here:
    I use the command 'startx 2> xreeor.txt',and you can see it in the attachment place:
    Summary is here:
    1: xset: bad font path element (#23)
    I installed all fonts that marked as missing in /var/log/xorg.0.log before,and the message disappear once,but it came back now
    2: /usr/bin/xmodmap: unable to open file '/root/.Xmodmap' for reading
    I searched but found nothing helpful
    3: OggS-SEEK: at 0 want 350200 got 345536 (diff-requested 350200)
    OggS-SEEK: at 349632 want 520 got 0 (diff-requested -349112)
    4: problems with gtk.Every time i open synaptic many errrors appears.And i can't open software-properties
    Hope for anyhelp....
    File allegati File allegati

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