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Thread: another wordlist generation thread

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    Default another wordlist generation thread

    I'm sorry to make another wordlist generation thread, but i honestly cant find a program that can make a list in the format i want.

    i want to make a list (for aircrack btw) with all combinations of this format <A-Z><00-99><A-Z><00-99><A-Z><00-99> (eg. G65D25N01, C99E49E51 - all the letters must be uppercase and all numbers must have 2 digits).
    i have found alot of generators, but non that - as far as i can see - can do this (they are too general)

    i know that this would take a very long time to generate (a point to how long this would be fine) and that it would be VERY big

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    Default Re: another wordlist generation thread

    hmm... what is with
    ./crunch 9 9 *%%*%%*%%
    that should generate..

    haez --blog

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