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Thread: Can't mount Olympus recorder

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    Default Can't mount Olympus recorder

    I am trying to get files off of an Olympus recorder but I don't have the software that came with the recorder.

    I plugged it in to my laptop and typed lsusb and it shows up but does not give me the directory path (like /dev/sda1). It just says Bus 002 Device 002.

    I tried mounting typing

    Mkdir /mnt/usb1
    mount /dev/sdx /mnt/usb1

    and used sda1, sda2, etc then sdb1, sdb2, etc in place of sdx in the command but says no device.

    What does BackTrack 4 see USB devices as?

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    Default Re: Can't mount Olympus recorder

    First BT mounts directories the same as any other linux distro.
    If you have the bus info then look in /dev/bus/usb and you should find the device listed there.
    I am stepping out on a limb here and assuming an "Olympus recorder" is something to do with a camera?
    Any rate if you do not find the bus id listed above. Then either search google against ubuntu for the same and or check the manufacturer website.
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