Well im semi new user to backtrack and linux, Im running backtrack 4 R1 in vmware workstation.

I have a Alfa AWUS050NH and a AWUS036NH both working correctly (monitoring and injection) with driver rt2800usb.
By following this instructions:/BackTrack4-R1 + AWUS036NH = Win! « /dev/random

In my learning how to do attempts, Im trying to learn how to connect to a Wifi by using a WPS PIN connection as an enrollee.

I have searched the internet and this forum and I don't seem to find any How to... for this type of connection.

The best information that I have found was here:

But I don't really understeand how to use wpa_supplicant, and more importantly...

When I try to run: #wpa_cli pin_get
I get: Failed to connect to wpa_supplicant - wpa_ctrl_open: No such file or directory

my wpa_supplicant configuration file is as the one showed in the pdf...

Hope that some one can help me...