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Thread: Bt 4 R2 RTL8187 rtl8187 - [phy0]SIOCSIFFLAGS: Unknown error 132

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    Default Bt 4 R2 RTL8187 rtl8187 - [phy0]SIOCSIFFLAGS: Unknown error 132

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    Been running BT4 R2 for a few hours and it seems sweet, rtl8187 alpha and deal extreme 2000mw usb on vmware are working perfect and response times are great have been using BT4 Final due to the fact of it being so stable but will now be moving over to R2.

    Fast, vmware seems to work smooth, ferns wifi cracker is working fine too.

    Regards Dee

    Thanks to all the guys who have put the time and energy into BT keep up the good work.

    Interface Chipset Driver
    After reboot all i get is this now any ideas?

    wlan0 RTL8187 rtl8187 - [phy0]SIOCSIFFLAGS: Unknown error 132

    (monitor mode enabled on mon0)
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