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Thread: TOR and Pidgin?

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    Question TOR and Pidgin?


    First time poster, long time lurker.

    I was using the old BackTrack3 and now switched over. I got the ISO burned to DVD and in a few days after I have completed other downloads I will format my laptop and install BT4r1.

    While I was waiting I was wondering if TOR on BackTrack 4 r1 is easy to configure, can be set to load on start up and if its the same style/technique of the actual Onion Router network that Wikileaks would use?

    Does BT4 r1 come with PidGin aswell? If not, will the r2 version have it when it gets released in February?

    I am not a newb to Linux, I have just been very busy these last 2 years.

    Thanks guys!

    It's ok I found it out myself and will post a tutorial tomorrow for other people that had the same problem as I had. I am very tired at the moment.

    I just realized that after I made this thread, BackTrack r2 was released. Wow, and I thought it was not due until February 2011. You guys are great.

    I am downloading BT4r2 now and will install it and get all my stuff up to date, then post this tutorial.
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    Default Re: TOR and Pidgin?

    I don't know about TOR as I don't use it, but pidgin is on the repos and you can apt-get it.
    This is the sixth time we have created a thread about it... and we have become exceedingly efficient at it.

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