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    Default crunch not saving

    Hello all, sorry to make probably another thread about crunch. I have looked and read some threads here and I still don't get how to make this work.

    1. I am new to backtrack, and most of its usage.

    2. I am trying to use crunch to SAVE a password list, here is what I use:
    ./crunch 8 8 0123456789 crunch-o passwords.txt
    ./crunch 8 8 -t @@@@@%%% -o passwords.txt (although with this is did "aaaaa%%%" abbab%%%.... no numbers just letter) but still saved.

    So if you guys can help (which you most likely can) I want to make one that is just numbers, like ./crunch 8 8 01234.... and SAVE it for later, (for testing).

    Hello all, first of all, I would like to let you all know that I am a bit of a noob of backtrack and using Crunch.

    1. I am trying to make and SAVE a password list of just Numbers, 0-9.

    2. I know that are a few commands to save p-word lists so here is what I am using:
    ./crunch 8 8 0123456789 crunch-o password.txt creates a number list, but doesn't save it (if it does then I don't know where).
    I have also used this command too:
    ./crunch 8 8 -t @@@@@%%% -o wordlist.txt (this only creates random letters and not numbers, BUTTT still it saved)

    so if you guys would be kind enough to help my generate a list of numbers that would be awesome. I am trying and wanting to learn how to use this AMAZING linux OS.
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