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Thread: Problem installing crunch

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    Default Problem installing crunch


    New here and to backtrack 4 and need a little help.

    I have installed BT4 on to my USB stick and I am trying to install crunch to BT4. I have searched hi and low but I just can't find any thing that will help. I found some commands but got nothing, I asked some people on forums and got told to use the search but got nothing from that.

    All I need is to find out the correct commands to install crunch. I understand that I am leaving my self open to have the mik taken but I really need

    Also can I instal BT4 as a secondary os on my laptop? What is better USB or HDD?


    It said my first thread was closed....why?

    I have /pentest/password.....brutessh, jtr, lodowep, oc-v0.7, open-ciphers, pyrit, rcrack, sqibf, sshatter-0.6, tftp bruteforce and wyd.....No crunch.

    "apt-get install crunch" did not work.

    Still looking for help....Thanks.
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    Default Re: Problem installing crunch

    Hmmm have you tried:
     apt-get install crunch

    If I remember correctly crunch is installed in Backtrack 4 in /pentest/passwords/crunch.
    Also you should upgrade to Backtrack 4 R1.
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    Default Re: Problem installing crunch

    Threads merged.
    The topic has been covered by a moderator, no need to start a new one.
    Further crunch is installed on BT.
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    Back|Track Wiki
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