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Thread: Best compatible WIFI adapter?

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    Default Best compatible WIFI adapter?

    Ok guys, I'm about to make a buy into a type of card such as this. I will need 3 key elements in respective order, last noted element still being good:


    Well I've come across some models that claim to cover UP to 5000+ meters IF signals are good around me. Most of them seem to be chinese based, names such as Wifly City. There is a couple of them around like if money isin't a problem.....well 100$ spending limit....what is the best solution to YOU? Wanted this thread to be a nice one with all the most coolest and strongest available tools of the like in the market. I have seen some chinese makes that cost up to 40-50$ that have 10DBI antenna, b/g 5k+ meters, etc etc

    Anyhoot drop your opinions here , looking foreward to it....wanna make this a good buy!

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    Default Re: Best compatible WIFI adapter?

    The Alfa AWUS036H is the gold standard, but expensive. It's main strength is the RTL8187L chipset, and the RP-SMA antenna connection. However, several brands have "Alfa-clones". This one is used by several forum members:
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    Default Re: Best compatible WIFI adapter?

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