Hello im glad to become as member of the backtrack.org site I have a problem with my wi-fi card Tp-link wn 321g with rt73 chip!I read a lot of forums for the backtrack aircrack and airodump suite!, but i have the same problem and i can't fix it,and i request for help!!! I have backtrack 4 r1 live cd on my pc and connected my wi-fi usb card! i had read that this card works as well out of the box without any moded drivers but i have the follow problem when i type the commands the backtrack show me this:
bt#airmon-ng start wlan0
bt# the monitor mode is enable on mon0
bt# aireplay-ng -9 mon0
bt# injection works 100%
then type:
bt# airodump-ng mon0
show me the available networks but every network include main show the pwr - 35 and my router is side by side into my pc near!after that i type
airodump-ng -w wep -c 11 --bssid 00:11:22:33:44:55 mon0
then show me the pwr of main router -35 like the router is out of range !but is one meter of the my pc!and i cannot collect any data or when begin the collect data is very slow!And i request for some help if you now why show me all my networks pwr range -35 pwr-85......??? If somebody can help me thank'you !!! and sorry for my bad English!