Im new on this forum, so I apologise in advance if i post this message in the wrong place or if someone already asked it, but i couln't find an answer.

As the title says, i have downloaded and burned Backtrack Final 2.0. When backtrack loads im able to login (with root - toor), but when i type "startx" to get into KDE mode, all kinds of errors appear like "Fatal IO error 104 on X server "0.0" and "Fatal server error:"failed to initialize core devices". I don't know where to get a log from the errors (someone told me /var/log/Xorg.0.log, but I have not even a clue how to open it or save it, since backtrack is running from a CD and I have no idea how to save the log that way).

So my question is, am i doing something totally wrong by just inserting the Live CD of Backtrack without any kind of Linux installed? Or is it something else that wont let me run startx? If some1 could tell me how to save the log, i could post it here, so you guys might know whats going on...

I really hope some1 can help me with this, and i thank you in advance for your reply.