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Thread: python-pip?

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    Default python-pip?

    Note the following request is based on BT 4R1.

    Could we get python-pip added to the repository(ies)?

    One of my tools uses netaddr for Python, which seems to be included but is old v0.5 from like Sept 2008. 0.7.5 is now available (as of Oct 2010). If we had pip it would be nice and simple to do a "pip install --upgrade netaddr". Among other things.
    (Basically PIP is to Python what CPAN is to perl)

    [Edit: There's a small chance that somehow my co-worker installed the old 0.5 version of netaddr while he was trying to get things to behave as expected... Though that really has no bearing on the fact that adding python-pip would be helpful.]
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