Hey guys! So I'm having trouble with my wifi in backtrack4 final, I had this exact same problem when I started with Ubuntu 10.10 a few weeks ago.

The command in Ubuntu that fixed my problem was

[/QUOTE]sudo rfkill unblock wifi[/QUOTE]

I tried both that command in BT4 with and with out sudo to no avail.... Basically what I'm hoping that somebody that knows both Ubuntu and BT4 can tell me if theres a BT4 terminal command that does what the above one did for me in Ubuntu.

I know its not a driver problem because I can plug in an Ethernet cable and get into my home network and onto the Internet through that.

The wifi card in my laptop is an Atheros card, I forget which one but it I have Aircrack-ng working in Ubuntu.

Thanks in advanced for any and all help