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    Default Xen Server

    Hi guys!

    i would like to ask how would u use a brute force attack on the xen server.

    i tried the VASTO 0.3 xen_login.rb but it doesnt seems to work at all.

    maybe i just dun understand how the xen_login works.

    can anyone help me thanks!

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    Default Re: Xen Server

    More details. Which xen_login.rb file are you talking about, how are you using it, how is the target system configured, what errors are you getting, etc.
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    Default Re: Xen Server

    i dun even understand how xen_login.rb works.......can anyone kindly provided me with some enlightment

    i have a xenserver running at version 5.6 if its too high do let me no so i can downgrade it to the version that xen login will work on.

    do i have to set anything on the xenserver? like ssh or resource pool?

    anyone out there that have experience in testing xenserver please i need ur help

    im doing the final year project n i got two wks left

    anything, doesnt have to be xen_login.rb, i have read other vulnerability like (Citrix XenServer Denial of Service Vulnerability), (Citrix XenServer RealTek 8169 Driver Memory Corruption Vulnerability), and many others.

    im using backtrack as the testing tool, inside the xenserver i have mulitiple VMs mostly on windows XP n windows server 2003. i also have windows 7 n windows server 2008.


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