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Thread: Another update script for Backtrack.

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    Default Another update script for Backtrack.

    Well I recently started learning python and at first I just wanted to see if I could do a basic update script and this is what came up

    Hope you like it also I would appreciate some suggestions about what else it should contain.
    It includes internet connectivity check,
    This script currently:
    * Upgrades/Cleans Backtrack
    * Exploits: Metasploit2,3, Exploit-db, SET, FastTrack
    * Vulnerability Scanners: OpenVAS, Nikto, W3AF, Nessus (if you have it)
    * Wireless: Aircrack, Airodump, Kismet, Gerix

    All of the following sections are included into different menus.

    EDIT: Well I have taken in consideration the suggestions I received via PM so I rewrote the script and included categories and more tools, here you go:

    To Download:
    svn co backtrack_update
    After this just 'svn up'
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