I am sorry that my first post here is about simple installation, but I didn't found similar problem as I have here.
I am working on laptop ASUS A6Km (pre installed XP) I used Patriot 8GB USB. I managed boot load via Unetbootin and Universal USB Installer.
When I boot with Unetbootin It pops up the blue menu where can I choose If I want to run default, 800x600, text mode, live cd etc
If I choose any of them it lags in 1 sec and nothing change no text just that freezed blue menu.
If I use Universal USB installer - it pops up original BT4 menu whre I can choose same things. If I choose something graphical It freeze same as Unetbootin. But when I try text mode only it gives me theese two lines and then freeze.

[Linux-bzImage, setup=0x3000, size=0x4760d0]
[Linux-initrd @ 0x3f798000, 0x828d95 bytes]

I was wondering to flash bios for new one . But there is no newer version on asus web site.
The flash is formated as FAT32.
Strange is that it works perfectly on my second laptop Toshiba Tecra and also on WMware.
Does anybody has idea how to solve this?
Thanks a lot