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Thread: wow, I totally embraced my self. hawking hwug1

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    Thumbs down wow, I totally embraced my self. hawking hwug1

    Well, my nice hello post and ext. :P yeeea

    Anyhew! I bought a hawking hwug1 to run airmon-ng and I never took the time to notice, very few cards support that? yet I can still use this card according to BT site. with out going into detail it's obvious what I was trying to do, my main goal was to be able to connect an antenna to this so it is portable and easier that a pci vga card. but I'm basically mad about finding this out, I referred to the site and it says it works fine after cmd a few things?

    Take that off the site if it is not supported, I just wasted $70

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    Default Re: wow, I totally embraced my self. hawking hwug1

    It is supported... I use it everyday... I've used it with a few antennas and it works very nicely.

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    Default Re: wow, I totally embraced my self. hawking hwug1

    I use a Hawking HWU8DD High Gain USB Dish - NO problem -

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