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Thread: backtrack on mobile???????????????

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    Default backtrack on mobile???????????????

    Hello forums..... I just would like to know if the project backtrack on mobile is still supported because the site seems down...ANY THOUGHTS OUT THERE

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    Default Re: backtrack on mobile???????????????

    Well I guess since there are so many platforms for mobile devices it is hard to create one mobile version of BT.
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    Default Re: backtrack on mobile???????????????

    Why not trying to make it nokia n900 specific like what neopwn is coming up with.....

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    Default Re: backtrack on mobile???????????????

    I thought it was pretty active development, didn't the backtrack guys team up with that pentesting distro for the N8x0?
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    Default Re: backtrack on mobile???????????????

    Quote Originally Posted by sab3awi View Post
    Why not trying to make it nokia n900 specific like what neopwn is coming up with.....
    I've got a n900 and I've gotten kismet and the aircrack-ng suite working with it, I haven't really tried much else. I think it would be the easiest platform since it's already a debian based system. Or if it couldn't be done then maybe some of the mostly used tools from bt4 would be a bit easier.

    Just my thought

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    Default Re: backtrack on mobile???????????????

    Any ideas if version 1 of neopwn is still publicly available since i searched their website and the net but nothing was found!!!

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    Wink Re: backtrack on mobile???????????????

    - WMD: FFB Edition 0.1 -
    * Mobile Penetration Testing Platform and the Weaponizing of the Smartphone *

    **** More Information at****

    Twitter: @kizz_my_anthia
    Facebook: /KizzMyAnthia

    Ok, first I want to say this has no direct relationship to the ORIGINAL BackTrack provided by Remote Exploit, BackTrack Linux - Penetration Testing Distribution.

    BUT a huge shoutout goes out to everyone at Remote Exploit, Offensive Security, and all of the community members. Without you guys, your dedication, and vision I would not be where I am today.
    Please!! Visit the site BackTrack Linux - Penetration Testing Distribution show them some love, they need it.
    I also want to give props and shout outs to the devs from Rhobuntu
    • Gzwalter79
    • Andrewinworking
    • Ondraster
    • Calaghan4410
    • Boushh
    And Props go out to everyone on the XDA Developers site.
    I know I am either forgetting someone or have not listed someone, don’t take it as an offence by all means it is not meant to be, but You’ll be alright, You’ll bounce back

    Ok, Ok, Ok to get on with it.

    WMD: FFB Edition.

    This project started as just a minute thought of DAMN, how cool would it be to have backtrack on my phone. I looked at running this under Debian, but ran into some power management issues on the testing platform, AT&T Fuze.

    So now thankfully from the Devs at Bactrack-Linux and Remote Exploit BackTrack is now based on Ubuntu. SCORE!!

    And being a member of the XDA-Developers forum I have been following the ROMs and smartphone development for a number of years.

    This release is based on Ubuntu 9.04.
    Using Haret and as many of the apps and tools from Backtrack 4 that I could possibly stuff into the build.

    The next version will be much lighter, have the swap partition load automatically, and have an all around smoother run.

    What’s Working, What’s Not
    Working as of: 11.17.10
    • Phone
    • Sound (partial)
    • SMS
    • GPS (partial)
    • Display Calibration (all devices)
    • Keyboard & Hardware Key Mappings
    • Screen Rotation* Virtual Keyboard (End Call button on Rhodium 100)
    • Backlight (all devices)
    • WiFi (bcm4329 has problems with Ad-hoc, workaround for Ad-hoc ; for wl1251 you need to change eth0 to wlan0 in wicd preferences)
    • 3G Data with HSDPA – thanks amiPro (all devices)
    • Shutdown (via Menu -> Log off -> Reboot, all devices)
    • Installing Apps via apt-get or Synaptic (all devices)
    • SD card access (all devices)
    • Charging (all devices?)
    • Dynamic CPU scaling (all devices?)
    • Sleep (partial, backlight is still on, must be disabled via brightness control) on pressing Power (Rhodium only?)
    • Manual brightness control via Shift+4 and Shift+5 (Rhodium and Tilt2 only?)
    • Bluetooth (partial)

    Not Working as of: 11.17.10
    • FM Radio (all devices)
    • Full “Sleep”; Power Management (all devices)
    • Full Sound (all devices)
    • Camera (all devices)
    • Sensors, LEDs etc.(all devices)
    • Aircrack-ng (all devices)

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