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    Thank you 1337 h4x0r Middle! Sorry I'm late... not sure how I missed this...

    Quote Originally Posted by Middle View Post
    For future versions on this, i intend to make it it even more user friendly and allow a greater variety options to be available for the individual operations. So for example include cpyrit set up with a GPU, alternate methods of generating packets for WEP cracking, more in depth options for DNS spoofing, more options for MITM attacks and maybe including a utility for mdk3. Also i would like to incorporate any new methods and techniques discovered in the coming months/years.

    The idea for WiPhire is that it becomes the wireless equivalent of SET (Social Engineers Toolkit), If you look at SET and WiPhire you can see that they are both trying to be an all encompassing tool for the subject. The idea is that WiPhire will have an option for every major wireless operation.

    To be honest i haven't really seen many scripts of this caliber in the wireless field. I have seen quite a few WEP cracking scripts and a couple of MITM scripts, but there isn't anything to my knowledge that has everything in one package.

    I would like some feed back as to what needs to be improved/included in future versions, so any one who has downloaded a response would be great!


    Came all the way over from hackfourms huh....

    I haven't checked your source code yet... lets hope it better than the last time we spoke.... (before I was banned)

    To be honest i haven't really seen many scripts of this caliber in the wireless field
    Hopefully you haven't basically copied all of my code since..

    Do you remember me now....

    Do a little investigation in the Experts forum, You may find my script...


    Quote Originally Posted by purehate View Post
    Not sure we need *another* one of these however if you want the submission of your tool to be taken seriously you have to point out why your tool is better than some of the current ones and what does it do that the other tools do not.

    I couldn't agree more!


    Quote Originally Posted by Middle View Post
    Thanks a lot for the feedback i was starting to think that i would never hear any!

    I think that if i can generate some interest and have it seriously considered for inclusion with Backtrack then i will go through it and make it as polished as i can! It is so annoying that no matter how many times you check something, prior to its release you will notice another problem...

    I have had 136 downloads form my source forge page alone, and i have not advertised that page any where else to thanks a lot guys! In total i have had over 300 downloads in just under two weeks =]

    Any more feedback would be greatly appreciated!
    In Backtrack... (I just pee'd a little)

    I figured with all your script kiddie's over at hackforums you would have more downloads....

    (oh wait, you haven't advertised it anywhere else)

    Then this link may be useless..... Google Cache WiPhire from 11-14-2010 < Google cache (because who needs an account right.... right...?)

    For those of you with an account...

    Enjoy your stay here at Backtrack-linux forums
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