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Thread: no wlan0? fresh install BT4R1, VM

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    Default no wlan0? fresh install BT4R1, VM

    I just installed BT4R1 on a VM and ran airmon-ng and received no results.

    After running /etc/init.d/networking start I can access the internet, but I still have no results for airmon-ng.

    My vm settings for the NIC are: bridged with replicate physical connection state.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: no wlan0? fresh install BT4R1, VM

    Well that's just grate ...we know exactly what problem you have. (a lot of sarcasm)
    First of all if you want help you have to give us more details, like what wireless card are you using, what commands are you issuing, the output of those commands and so on.
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