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Thread: WICD Wireless Access Issue

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    Default WICD Wireless Access Issue

    So I just loaded BT4 R1 on an IBM T30, an oldie but a goodie of a laptop. The wireless card installed is a Cisco Aironet 350 Mini PCI. When I execute a "start-network" and open WICD I see all of the wireless networks around me, including on open AP (linksys, go figure). I then try to connect to my hidden SSID and when the software rescans for networks now the only SSID that shows is the linksys. I cannot see any of the other networks unless I stop the wicd service and restart.

    Has anyone seen this before? I would not be surprised if this was an issue with this network card, as it is fairly old. I am going to get a USB wi-fi adapter to see if I experience the same issue.


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    Default Re: WICD Wireless Access Issue

    had the same issue, and a lot more.
    problems connecting to encrypted networks and so on.

    gnome network manager works better for me

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