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Thread: Hydra not working with a wordlist

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    Default Hydra not working with a wordlist

    I'm attacking my ssh server with hydra and if I give it a username and password using -l and -p it works fine. If, however, the password is contained within a wordlist, hydra skips it and does not report a successful login. I at first thought the number of tasks might be too high but even on -t1 it still skips the password if it's in a wordlist. Any ideas? Here are the commands I'm using:

    hydra -l [username] -p [password] -t2 -f -vV ssh2
    hydra -l [username] -P [path/to/wordlist] -t1 -f -vV ssh2
    UPDATE: I think the problem is that it's trying too fast. I found out that if I put the password at the very beginning of the list (the first word) then it will work as expected. If the correct password is any lower down the list than the 3rd or 4th word then it just gets skipped. I have -t1 which is as low as I can get it. I'm out of ideas at this point.
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