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    Default Pyrit

    I got one nvida GTX 295 graphic card and amd dual core processor.

    When i use the "pyrit list_cores" command i onliy get it to detect the CPU

    I use Backtrack 4 with the pyrit command pre installed.

    Is there something i have to do to get it too detect the graphic card ?

    Now i only have 650 passwords / sec and i want to speed it up.

    Anyone ?

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    Default Re: Pyrit

    few things you need
    1. nvidia drivers
    2. cpyrit cuda

    pyrit on backtrack only has the basic setup, cuda/opencl/whatever ati uses is not included

    I can only think this is like this due to the fact people use different hardware ati/nvidia.

    btw any advice to get a 460 to work?

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