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Thread: poulsbo gma500 psb-modules video iegd

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    Default poulsbo gma500 psb-modules video iegd

    Hey there.
    This is not the first post about how backtrack 4 supports the intel GMA500 graphic chipset, but i just want to get myself involved in this issue-resolving.

    Here are all the informations i have.

    - About the chipset supports on arch linux
    Poulsbo - ArchWiki

    PSB :
    unofficial repository:
    gma500 - Project Hosting on Google Code
    Ubuntu howto:
    poulsbo - Documentation Ubuntu Francophone

    IEGD :
    nanoAnt howto:
    nanoANT » Blog Archive » Compiling kernel IEGD 10.x module for any Linux distribution

    At the moment posting, I'm working on compiling the IEGD driver.
    I'll give news soon.

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    Default Re: poulsbo gma500 psb-modules video iegd

    Guys am using Acer Aspire One AO751h,which uses intel gma 500
    I am unable to install poulsbo-driver-2d and poulsbo-driver-3d
    I am searching for these over a month in online,
    poulsbo drivers work good in ubuntu 10.10
    I would be very thankful if u guys help me with this driver issue,
    I am using Backtrack 4 R2

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