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Thread: Realtek RTL8188CE

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    Default Realtek RTL8188CE

    Not supported out of the box, however the driver found here works fine in BT4 R1.

    Monitoring supported
    Packet injection NOT supported (driver is open source though, if anybody wants to add it...)

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    Default Respuesta: Realtek RTL8188CE

    "Packet injection NOT supported"
    BT4 R2 , support Injection for RTLl8188CE ???? any solution ?
    A lot of toshiba notebooks are build with this card .

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    Default Re: Realtek RTL8188CE


    I downloaded the Linux drivers listed under the RTL8188CE link for Linux but the filename indicated the 8192 adapter model instead. Did you notice this and did it matter? I realize some adapters will use the same code so the file might work. Figured I'd ask in case this caused a problem. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Realtek RTL8188CE


    Its for 8188CE and 8192.
    Install it and its working fine.

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