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Thread: MAC to Device table/db

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    Default MAC to Device table/db

    Suppose I had a MAC address and I wanted to gather more information about it.
    I can look up the manuf. which licenced this IEEE mac space.
    From there I could guess what kind of device I am looking at.
    Is there some database or table that would have likely candidates for a given MAC.
    This would save time from the google lookup and possible incorrect guess.

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    Default Re: MAC to Device table/db

    Wouldn't nmap do the same thing?
    I mean it does OS prediction with a good degree of accuracy.

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    Default Re: MAC to Device table/db


    if you are only looking for recon and not actually scan your target,
    maybe use existing scripts in BT4, like

    airodump-ng-oui-update && cat /usr/local/etc/aircrack-ng/airodump-ng-oui.txt |egrep -i xx-xx-xx
    ..where xx-xx-xx are the first 6 bytes of your MAC you are looking for..

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