Before i get jumped on, i'm posting here as a last resort. I've checked as many guides as i could, and they all start with "load back track from disk, or put it onto a USB" I'm struggling to get that far. I've downloaded the correct files as a mod on the forums told me to and i've done the following.

Burn to dvd, using several different programs, and the slowest speed possible.
neither computer i've used has recognised any as a bootable disk.

Partitioned my HDD using UNetbootin.
UNetbootin has sucessfully partitioned my drive, however when running i get this error message.
"Find -set-root/unetbootin/ubnkern
Error 15 - File not found
Press any key"

Tried to boot the dvd's on 2 different computers.

My next step would be to put backtrack on a HDD entirely, which i'm ok with, due to having an old laptop kicking around, however i dont have any installer exe files or anything that leads me to think i can install it to start with. I'm sure its something small i'm doing wrong, but after several days of frustration, its getting to me.

The files i have when i unzip the download(done with winrar and winzip on different occasions)

If i am going to install backtrack to a HDD entirely, how do i go about doing this?

I apologise if the answer is staring me in the face, or is blatantly obvious, but i'm really struggling