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    Default Can't connect to internet

    Hello all, I am into the networking field, however I only ever deal with Windows OS. This is the first serious time using Linux. I am stuck at the very beginning of this adventure. I am merely trying to connect to the internet. I have an Atheros ar9285 wireless card and used these instructions to get it to work.
    Now, I have been searching the forums, through the beginner's forum, how-to's, video's tutorials. pretty much everywhere except the expert forums. I can't seem to connect to the internet even via ethernet. I typed in /etc/init.d/networking start along with networking-start and i get internet via ethernet for what seems to be a little bit but it doesn't seem to stay. Also my konsole seems to freeze after I do about 5 different commands. In short i have plenty of problems and am capable of finding any information you guys may need. Hopefully this can be solved. Thank you everyone in advance.

    Okay so I didn't know if i should make a new post or just edit this one but i assumed to edit this one so i did. I have been looking for information and i feel that it is some sort of hardware is my problem. I've used a number of different tutorials for connecting wirelessly in general and for my card in particular. But when i get to Wicd manager it is completely blank. I assumed before that it was because I didn't have any wireless working, but just earlier today it showed the topbar where you can click properties to find the wireless network and it has never done that before. Just a completely grey screen. So if anyone can confirm that is a hardware issure I will futher continue researching my laptop parts, or if it's something else I would much appreciate it if anyone can help me through this.
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