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Thread: Metasploit autopwn help.

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    Default Metasploit autopwn help.


    I am having some trouble with the metasploit/backtrack and would like some advice.
    Now my problem is this.

    Whilst in virtual I have a server 2003 installed via my disk and in another virtual player have backtrack. Now I build a data base use nmap to probe 2003 machine for vulnerabilities the use autopwn to try them and success several sessions created.
    Now I move onto a clean install of server 2003 on an actual pc, setup backtrack on another machine connect with Ethernet cable do the same thing but no sessions created, do not understand why infact (I go to tafe) and we are doing these tests in class and cannot get sessions on any machine I do it against, but yet works in virtual fine. Any ideas? does it not work against xp sp2 machines, or if has to go through switches and routers, but even if connected directly to server doesn’t work. this is very frustrating as again works in a virtual setting but not in real life. What am I doing wrong?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: Metasploit autopwn help.

    There could be a lot of reasons why this works in a virtual environment and not in a real one, you could check if the real OS is more up to date than the virtual one.
    Also take a look in the video section at the Metasploit videos and read the Metasploit Unleashed course.
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    Default Re: Metasploit autopwn help.

    Don't use autopwn if you need to troubleshoot a problem like this - it's too "busy". Find a single exploit that works on the VM, then try that same exploit on the identically configured physical machine. Perform monitoring on both to see what the difference is. I'd focus on the networking angle first - get packet captures with Wireshark and compare them. It's a troubleshooting exercise, and you will learn a lot from it should you do it with the appropriate focus.
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