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Thread: (solved) Backtrack 4 R1 tool update

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    Default (solved) Backtrack 4 R1 tool update

    Big user and advocate of Backtrack 4 and MetaSploit.
    Use it extensively for my security classes - students love it.

    Would it be possible to upgrade and/or add so they're pre-installed:
    - Nessus 4.2.x (or at least allow for installing it and still maintain the update capability)
    - Nessus plug-ins auto-update (possibly with an auto-feed config script)
    - NeXpose (latest rev)
    - larger password dictionary and hash rainbow files in common dir (they're strewn all over right now)
    - FireWalk (for firewall analysis/pen testing)
    - other firewall assessment and attack tools

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    Default Re: Backtrack 4 R1 tool update

    1. We are not allowed to include Nessus in the distro due to licensing or any of its scripts or plug ins.

    2. For the same reason we do not include Nexpose

    3. Including password lists in backtrack makes it very big. There are some included and there are plenty on the web. We leave password lists up to the user.

    4. I do plan to bring Firewalk back

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