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Thread: errors when starting startx ... Help!

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    Default errors when starting startx ... Help!

    Greetings friends will see in dragon did this start>> upgrade ........
    packages will install .... and I can not start the graphical environment with startx?
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    Default Re: errors when starting startx ... Help!

    Well at 150x58 pixels I can't see it, also doubt any one else can.
    However let's start with some info on your graphics card. Also might be a good idea to check the forums against your card type to see if others have had problems. You may also try fix-vesa at the root prompt.
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    Default Re: errors when starting startx ... Help!

    Contrary to popular believe, computer scientists/hackers cannot simply "enhance" low-res pictures
    Please post a bigger picture if you need an example.
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    Default Re: errors when starting startx ... Help!

    dont know if it helps, but whenever i used backtrack (3, or 4)
    when i ran startx i would get errors about the display

    i would have to run "X -configure" it would probe displays and create a
    then you can run startx -- -config /root/

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    Default Respuesta: errors when starting startx ... Help!

    Not the place to post tread, the people that can help you are not here, also, there is a thingy at the top of the forum that says search, we the people that want to learn from others, like to have things organized so we don't get lost.

    The how to has a lot on this subject.

    fixvesa is your awnser.

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