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Thread: How do I merge a driver on to a USB stick?

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    Default How do I merge a driver on to a USB stick?

    For various reasons I can't reformat/repartition the hard disk on the laptop I am using (mainly there's just not enough room on its 64GB SSD) so I am using backtrace via a bootable USB stick.

    Backtrace doesn't seem to support the build in wifi which is a RTL8192CE. I downloaded the linux drivers from realteks website and put it on the fat32 partition of the thumb drive (mounted in backtrace on /media/cdrom0) and it was able to 'make' then 'make install' without errors, however it requires a reboot to work. Naturally a reboot clears any and all changes made

    That said, is there any way I can merge the changes made on to the USB stick? Something simple please, I know a bit about linux but I'm by no means an expert.

    The RTL8192CE driver can be found here:


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    Default Re: How do I merge a driver on to a USB stick?

    If by "merge a driver" you mean install it and when you reboot it's still there it is possible, but it requires a persistent USB install.
    Please follow the guide located in: HowTo | BackTrack Linux - Penetration Testing Distribution
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    Default Re: How do I merge a driver on to a USB stick?

    Here's an easy to follow video on how to install a USB persistent - Backtrack 4 USB Install - Offensive Security

    However don't forget to consider you need a stick 4Gb or higher (8Gb recommended), and here's a tip, READ more!

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